Constructive Forms

Configuration Types

There are two basic configuration types: belt and flanged. Both types can be round or rectangular.

Belt Type

This configuration allows flanged or welded connections. Its geometry is more favorable to the fabric belt manufacture. This configuration the advantage of easier belt replacement, without the necessity to disassemble the expansion joint metallic frame.

Flanged Type

This configuration has flanged connection and “U” belt profile. It allows small OAL and a simplified metallic structure, reducing the initial expansion joint cost. Nevertheless, it doesn’t allow an easier belt replacement, which increases the maintenance cost. Maximum operation temperature: 530ºC (1000ºF).

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Belt Type Flanged Type

Bellows Types

Teadit has two basic bellows types: the Quality series and the Premium series.
The Quality series is an economic option for less aggressive services. The Premium series is a worldwide option which gives exceptional performance in highly aggressive chemical applications such as desulphurization plants and chemical recover boilers in the pulp and paper industry.

Quality Series

It has an external layer of silicon coated fiberglass fabric.



Silicon coated fiberglass fabric.

Premium Series

It has an outer layer of PTFE impregnated fiberglass fabric with internal PTFE film.



PTFE impregnated fiberglass with PTFE film


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