Flue Duct Expansion Joints

Flue Duct Expansion Joints are designed to accommodate the thermal expansion or contraction of pipes, ducts and equipment that are subject to temperature fluctuation of hot and cold fluids. This thermal growth is one of the main difficulties encountered when designing interconnecting piping or ducting.

The introduction of expansion joints into a system is one method of compensating for the thermal changes; it is typically the preferred method due to cost and simplicity.

The Teadit® Flue Duct Expansion Joints minimize the energy and power losses, reducing the design and installation costs. They also can act as vibration isolators and, in some cases, as compensators for small ducts or equipment installation misalignment.

Manufacturing expansion joints since 1970, Teadit® has great experience in many different industries such as refining, petrochemical, chemical, cement, sugar processing, steel & mining, and other applications where it is necessary to compensate for thermal growth.

This catalog is a reference to help in the understanding of how Teadit® Flue Duct Expansion Joints work and their diverse application range.

Special projects with applications or characteristics that cannot be met by the products in this catalogue should be sent to Teadit® Engineering.

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